The #SwitchedOff trend has taken over the social media by a storm; celebrities all over the country have been posting statuses of them switching off from different activities. Maybe it’s the hectic schedules or the heat that has caught up with these stars, but one thing that is certain is that they are in an urgent need of some mental uplifting.

The fast pace life of the entertainment industry is extremely hard to keep up with and so far all these celebrities have done an excellent job of managing their routines with their work. Now what has us so shocked is that stars like Mehreen Syed, Mehwish Hayat, Feroze Khan, Anoushey Ashraf, Ayesha Omar, Hina Altaf, Shazia Naz, Minal Khan and Khaild Malik all have switched off from different activities that they usually enjoy doing all the time.




For example, everyone knows how the actor Feroze Khan has worked really hard in the gym to transform his body and left us in shock when he wrote: “I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. This is it! #SwitchedOff” on his social media accounts.

Similarly, the Punjab Nahi Jaungi lead girl Mehwish Hayat posted: “I’m done with my morning jog routine! Have had enough! #SwitchedOff” and the gorgeous Ayesha Omar also posted a status saying: “I’m officially done with this unbearable summer heat! Can’t take this anymore! #SwitchedOff”.

This did not stop on these three; one of our favorite models and an active social media user, Mehreen Syed also posted: “So done with my phone! Time to switch it off! #SwitchedOff”.

Next to join was the eminent RJ Khalid Malik who posted: “The whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I feel like I am #SwitchedOff”.

In addition to all the previous, Hina Altaf also posted a status saying: “No more interviews people! Adios! #SwitchedOff”,

followed by Minal khan who posted a status saying: “Hibernation time. Going to switch off from the world for some time! #SwitchedOff”

and finally Shazia Naz who posted: “It’s so dull and gloomy these days. In dire need for a spark. #SwitchedOff”.

All these posts have left everyone baffled and spiked the interests of fans who actively asked their concern by commenting on the status posts of each celebrity.


All the celebrities have a different story behind them switching off and everyone all over the country is curious to know what they are going to do next with their statements. So stay tuned and watch this space for further unveiling of the Switched Off mystery.


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