Charsadda farmers protest water shortage

Charsadda  farmers  protest water  shortage
Charsadda farmers protest water shortage

CHARSADDA: Farmers of  several villages in Tangi  tehsil of Charsadda district  have appealed to the government  to remove illegal water  passages set up by people  from a major canal to irrigate  their lands.  Farmers from Saifullah  Khan Qilla, Haji Sahib Killay,  Shago Killay, Naqo Killay and  Barlan area in Tangi tehsil  complained that water from  the local canal has been diverted  to lands by many people,  while lands of many  other farmers at tail end get  insufficient water as a result.  Haider Ali Khan advocate  and several other farmers of  Tangi said that their lands received  water from Malakand  region through Behram  Dheri route but some people  had created blockades to irrigate  their lands while causing  damage to lands in Tangi  area.  They demanded Senior  Minister Sikandar Sherpao  and Irrigation Department to  ensure equal supply of water  to all fields in Tangi and  other areas.  The farmers called for  cleaning the canals since  much water is wasted as desilting  has not been done  since long.     

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