Chief Justice Visits Jinnah Hospital Lahore


Lahore (June 03, 2018): Chief justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar visited Jinnah hospital Lahore, CJP expressed dissatisfaction over lack of facilities and  get annoyed over principal of Allam Iqbal medical college.

Chief justice Saqib Nisar visited Jinnah hospital after the hearing of important cases in Supreme Court Lahore registry, CJP reviewed the treatment facilities provided to patients by hospital administration.

Chief Justice visited various wards of the hospital and enquired the problems from patients which they are facing in hospital; CJP also visited Operation Theater of emergency.Air conditioned of emergency ward went off at time of visit, while there two patients on one bed, CJP expressed displeasure over it.

Principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College briefed CJP over machines, while MRI machine was out of order so Chief Justice annoyed over MS Asim Hameed and Principal Rashid Zia.

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