China unveils world's first AI female news presenter

China unveils world's first AI female news presenter
In a groundbreaking technological move, China’s state-owned TV channel Xinhua has introduced the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence news anchor.

On Tuesday, Xinhua announced that in collaboration with Sogou (search engine) has created the world’s first female AI news anchor, known as Xin Xiaomeng.

The anchor will be making her debut during the upcoming Two Sessions political meetings in March.

The AI female news presented is to debut after the China unveiled the world’s first male AI news anchor, Qiu Hao, during China’s annual World Internet Conference held in November in the town of Wuzhen.

Xinhua also went to on to add that they have developed an improved male anchor called Xin Xiaohao. This upgraded version will be able to stand up and gesticulate and has more natural mouth movements.

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