Chinese University Looks Like Giant Toilet: Social Media User


Web Desk (September 28, 2017): A Chinese university is being hilariously called “toilet building” for its architecture.

According to social media users, the 12-storey North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power at Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan resembles a giant toilet.

Social media users said that the oval building resembled a toilet bowl while the rectangular block looks like the cistern. The building was not made to resemble a toilet but that is how the internet users thought it looked like. Some even said that roof of the block of the college made it look like a toilet lid. Many commented saying that it is strange for a building so huge to be designed like this.

While the internet mocked at the design of the building, the provincial government had spent 86 million yuan (USD 13 million) to build it. As per reports, the university is for graduates looking to start their own enterprises.

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