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Coke Studio is completing 10 years of producing outstanding fusion music that has made Pakistani music and artists famous all over the world. The show has singlehandedly changed the course of Pakistani music and what a great decade for music it’s been! As expected, fans of the show have favourite songs, preferred genres, beloved artists and many memorable performances. So we decided to reach out to a few artists who return to perform on the show’s 10th season who share what experiences and moments were most memorable for them

Ataullah Esakhelvi sahab

The last time I performed, I was running a fever (103 degrees) and I still performed. I feel like if I had not been ill, my performance would have been better. But my listeners appreciated my performance and I received good feedback. Everyone at Coke Studio was very supportive and it was this love that enabled me to perform even with the fever.

Shafqat Amanat Ali

There are lots of special moments! One was when I had to perform with Josh on Coke Studio, and we did it without much rehearsal. I was a bit hesitant at first, and I was a little worried about how people will respond to that song. But it went on to become the most liked song of that season.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

My most memorable moment was my performance with Amjad Sabri sahab. It was my first time singing with him but sadly also the last. I hope his soul is resting in peace. The first song I performed in Coke Studio, Garaj Baras with Ali Azmat, will always have a special place in my heart.

Ali Sethi

When I was doing Aaqa with Abida jee last year I really wanted to sing this one line Main Faqeeri main bhi hun kitna Qalandar dekho, dekhne walon zara maira muqadar dekho. Initially this was Abida jee’s line but it had this effect on me, making me emotional. On the day of the shoot Abida jee turned to me and said “why don’t you do this line?” I’ll never be able to forget this, ever.

Jabar Abbas

Whenever I’m going on stage to sing something, it’s a special moment for me, because I feel like the performance can change your life. Ever since I was young, I wanted to sing a Sufi kalaam, and performing this particular kalaam, paying ode to Qalandar pak, praising Hazrat Ali, I consider myself very lucky, that my wish is coming true.

Shuja Haider

Abida Parveen jee is such an authentic singer immersing herself in the performance. I worked with her on the song Aaqa, and the composition was tied leaving no room for open singing. I was a little fearful, because Abida jee thrives on open singing. It was a challenge, like trying to cage a free bird that soars when left free to fly on her own, but when we did that last take, I knew this was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Quratulain Balouch

I vividly remember my first appearance on Coke Studio, I had just recorded a cover on my own and released it on YouTube. I wasn’t expecting to be approached by Coke Studio, which is a huge platform  people aspire to be on, and I was so overwhelmed. I collaborated with Jal, I remember I didn’t care about how I looked, all I cared about was singing my heart out, and I will always cherish the experience.

Danyal Zafar

I think one special moment for me was when I got to share the stage with my brother. He taught me my first few chords, is one of my biggest inspirations, and the fact that I was performing with him was more than just an honour.

Farhan Saeed

The last time I was on the sets of Coke Studio I was with Jal so that had a totally different feeling. But this time I’m doing it alone and it’s a great feeling as there is a feeling of achievement of doing this on my own. Coke Studio is always full of good memories, from the musical journey to the fun element.

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