The US has passed 10,000 deaths and 367,000 cases, awaiting the worst that is yet to come. Italy, Spain, France, UK, and Iran have all surpassed China – once the epicenter of the pandemic – in death toll, and some in confirmed cases too. Lockdowns are extending and tightening as global cases cross 1.3 million and deaths surge past 74,000. The Philippines shot dead a man for flouting coronavirus rules in the first display of its draconic shoot-to-kill orders.

The globe is commemorating the World Health Day amidst its chaotic fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic. Populations are overwhelmed, so are the most powerful of governments, strongest of economies, and best of healthcare systems. While social distancing is showing some progress in helping to flatten the curve, it presents no permanent solution with some countries already mulling easing restrictions. With no proven cure for the new and elusive disease, a vaccine could still be 12-18 months away.

Developing countries like Pakistan are set to get the hardest blow. With about 3,800 confirmed cases and 53 deaths, Pakistan’s coronavirus crisis is far from over. The country saw a record spike in Covid-19 cases on Monday with a trajectory that’s only shooting up every new day. Although the government projections for the next 20 days are grim, they, fortunately, don’t tally with the current trends as yet. With an already struggling economy and compromised healthcare system, Pakistan may not be ready for a peak that authorities and experts foresee.

Here are the latest updates:

9.00 am

KP reports 1 new death, 85 new cases

Another fatality has been reported in KP taking the provincial toll to 17, confirms the KP health and finance minister Taimur Khan Jhagra.

He added that as many as 85 new cases were also reported in the province with its tally now reaching 500.

8.00 am

Virus deaths slow in places, but British premier gets worse

The steep rise in coronavirus deaths appeared to be leveling off Monday in hard-hit New York, echoing a trend underway in Italy and Spain, while the crisis escalated alarmingly in Britain, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to intensive care after his condition deteriorated.

Johnson, 55, was conscious and did not immediately need to be put on a ventilator, his office said. The prime minister is the world’s first known head of government to fall ill with the virus.

Source: AP

2.00 am

Balochistan lockdown extended till April 21

Another two-week extension has been made to Balochistan lockdown that was due to end on Tuesday (today).

The extension orders came from the provincial home department that said the decision was made in view of the “fear of increase in number of Covid-19 cases, which may cause devastating consequences, illness and deaths”.

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