Court Orders To Give Christian Girl’s Custody To Parents


Islamabad(February 09, 2018): IHC Releases the written order on Christian Muslim marriage case on Friday and asked

According to the details, 12 years old, Alisha told the court that she accepted Islam and her new name is Maryam.

However, she could not satisfied the court about her claim.

On a question Alisha told the court that her prophet name is Hazrat Esa and she doesn’t know about any other prophet. Alisha was presented before the court from an orphanage.

The Islamabad High court ordered to give Alisha’s custody to her parents and ordered her parents to avoid violence on her.

The court stated that minorities have a complete right to live their life with peace in the light of constitution of Pakistan.

Now it’s police duty to investigate if the boy and his father abducted Alisha forcefully.

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