Cows are sacred for Hindus. They worship it as their mother, however, an Indian expert has come forward on their media to claim that smearing yourself with its dung or urine can save you from nuclear radiations.

The discovery is revolutionary for India as they are now invincible. Pakistan cannot put Indians in harm’s way after the landmark discovery even if a nuclear war breaks out. 

The scientist claims that NASA’s research has proved what he’s saying, and you can search it on Google as well. He further went on to claim that cow’s dung, urine, its breath, and everything is pure and purity gives birth to purity.

Cow’s urine and dung are all pure. It improves land’s fertility and the urine keeps the germs away, that is why we love cows.

Treat your ears with cutting-edge research here:

NASA’s scientists would be eager to meet the man who made such claims so that they can take his research forward and make the world a better place. However, he would definitely want to patent his research and keep it for the Indians only.

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