LAHORE: At least 23 kite flyers were arrested in a crackdown on Sunday by the police and cases were registered against them.

Despite a ban on kite-flying in Lahore and frequent crackdown operations by the police since three months, some people still continue making and flying kites, while disobeying the law.

According to police officials, in crackdown operations across various areas of Lahore, the police arrested 42 kite flyers in total, from the areas of Baghbanpura, Gujjar Pura, Mughalpura and Shad Bagh. The police also seized huge amounts of kites, rolls and strings.

DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf said kite flying will be strictly prohibited and action should be taken against those found violating the ban by flying or selling kites and the material associated with the activity. He also appealed that parents should discourage their children from participating in this dangerous activity.

The ban on the selling and flying of kites will be maintained by any means, added police officials.

Earlier this month, at least three people were injured as youth in Lahore engaged in kite flying on weekend night, defying the ban.

In Singhpura area, a 31-year-old man was injured after a kite string slit his neck and hand. The man, Qadeer, was shifted to Mayo Hospital, where he got six stitches on his neck.

Ali Hassan, 25, and Abrar, 28, were also wounded in similar incidents in Dhobi Ghat and Railway Station areas. They were also shifted to Mayo Hospital.

Citizens complained that violation of the ban on kite flying during night-time has become a routine in Salamatpura, Harbanspura, Journalist Colony and several other areas.

In the past three months, over 300 kite flyers have been arrested from several areas of Lahore. Police also seized over 6,000 kites, rolls and strings.


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