Critics Review: Qaidi Band Movie – A Story of Music


Web Desk (August 28, 2017): Sanju (Aadar Jain) and Bindu (Anya Singh) are few of the undertrials (those held in custody awaiting trial for an alleged crime), who refuse to be ‘institutionalised’. In the absence of a good lawyer and big money to support their court proceedings, they continue to rot in jail. Some of these qaidis accidentally find solace in music. Can their spirit and joie de vivre set them free?

QAIDI BAND REVIEW : The prisoners, who come together to form a band called Sailanis become an oversight sensation. Their popularity triggers a campaign that demands to set them free.

Director Habib Faisal intends to highlight a social issue (plight of the undertrials), musically here. His thought is noble and taps an uncharted topic but the execution looks naive, dated and a classic case of wishful thinking. The songs are situationally strong but forgettable to listen to. The righteous treatment makes the film look unrealistic as you don’t feel for the characters or their situation.

Also it gives you a crash course on ‘undertrials’. The word is deliberately uttered at least ten times in the first few minutes in a desperate attempt to seek attention.

Sadly, what strikes you the most is debutant Aadar Jain’s eyebrow wiggling and splitting resemblance to cousin Ranbir Kapoor. Though he is confident on camera, it looks like he subconsciously apes Ranbir by trying to look, sound and act just like him and that takes away from his performance.

Newcomer Anya Singh shows a lot more promise, presence and personality. She is the best part about this otherwise cliched outing.

Sachin Pilgaonkar is effective as the selfish warden, who pretends to be the officer who uses music to reform his undertrials.

Overall, this Qaidi Band means and plays well but lacks the spunk and spirit required to arouse sentiments – rebellious or patriotic.

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