Cuban’s National Assembly Nominates Diaz-Canel As President


Havana (April 19, 2018):For the first time in the lives of most Cubans, a man not named Castro is set to take over the leadership of the Communist-run island nation.

Cuba’s National Assembly has nominated Cuban First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel to be the unopposed candidate to replace Raul Castro as the head of the Cuban government.Castro embraced Diaz-Canel — who wasn’t even born when Fidel Castro led his revolution in 1959 — during the session Wednesday, all but sealing his status as the island’s next president.

Fidel Castro had long said he expected to die while still in office, but following a mystery illness and botched intestinal surgery in 2008, he was forced to step down. He died in 2016.

His younger brother Raul Castro replaced him as head of state, the Cuban Communist Party and the island’s military, promising to make their revolution “prosperous and sustainable.”

Now Raul Castro, 86, is leaving office, apparently convinced that the best way to ensure the survival of his and his brother’s revolution is to begin a transition that he can help oversee.

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