Curfew Imposed in Harvey-Ravaged Houston, Death Toll Rises to 30


Texas (August 30, 2017): An indefinite night curfew aimed at protecting lives and properties of people and to stop looting, armed robberies, and other crime swas imposed in Harvey-ravaged Houston city of Texas state.

According to officials the curfew will remain effective from midnight until 5 p.m. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also informed that additional police from other regions has also been brought into the city.

Turner earlier said the city was opening several additional emergency shelters to alleviate crowding at the convention center, which has 10,000 people. Some of those will be moved to a nearby concert hall and basketball arena.

One shelter will open on the city’s west side, near where more than 3,000 homes have been flooded. Another center in Humble, Texas, will house people from the city’s northern suburbs, the mayor added.

Meanwhile the death toll from tropical storm Harvey that ripped through the city has risen to 30. President Donald Trump visited Houston to personally take a look at the mega devastations caused by storm Harvey which has effected hundreds of thousands and have rendered thousands of others homeless.

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