Abbas Shabbir

All the websites of Pakistan, including those of the government and media groups, might get hacked ahead of the general elections.

According to a handout sent by a government body to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Russia and Israel might launch cyber-attacks against Pakistan to influence general elections. Important voter information might get stolen ahead of the polls.

There are reports that foreign hackers are planning to launch cyber-attacks in Pakistan, according to a report by a government body.

There are four other countries, Brazil, Sweden, Malaysia and Ireland, where elections are going to be held this year.

The hackers are active in Russia and Israel and intend to steal people’s data.

The websites of the government, private media houses and political parties may come under assault, according to a letter sent to the PTA and other internet-providing companies.

The companies that provide internet services in Pakistan have been advised to heighten their security.
Similar cyber-attacks were launched in the US, Germany and France while they were in election season.

Story first published: 26th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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