Daehan Shehzore is a Fake Chinese Replica: Hyundai-Nishat


In a Facebook post, Hyundai-Nishat, which is Hyundai’s Pakistan-based subsidiary, alleged that Daehan-Dewan’s recently launched Shehzore pickup truck is a fake “Chinese replica” when compared to the Hyundai H-100.


The Shehzore pickup truck, it should be mentioned, was assembled under Hyundai’s brand in Pakistan until 2004. It proved to be popular due to its sturdy and reliable build.

Daehan-Dewan Motors, in a bid to re-enter the vehicle business, resurrected the 2018 version of the Shehzore truck under their own brand-name. Its design was much similar to the current Hyundai Porter (also known as H-100), which was sold in Pakistan as Shehzore before 2004.

Here’s Hyundai Nishat’s Facebook post publicly denouncing Daehan’s Shehzore:

Interestingly, the above post has been removed by the company till the filing of this report.

Shehzore vs H-100 – Which One’s Real?

The classic Shehzore made its mark in the commercial vehicles segment and is well-reputed among buyers in Pakistan. In this picture, you can notice that Daehan made the sticker design look almost identical to the older Shehzore, with a similar color theme and  font to indicate its connection to the original one initially sold by Hyundai:

White Hyundai Shehzore 2004 Model
Hyundai Shehzore – 2004
Daehan Shehzore 2018 Model
Daehan Shehzore – 2018

According to some reports, Daehan’s Shehzore actually does use Hyundai-made engines – the same ones which will be used in Hyundai’s H-100 which Hyundai Nishat is expected to launch in Pakistan.

“Since the product design is a replica of our Hyundai H-100, and the body was made in China without having any license agreement with Hyundai Motor South Korea, it is, by all means, a counterfeit product.” – Hyundai Nishat

Both vehicles have a somewhat similar design. However, there are some visibly noticeable differences between the two trucks as well.

Hyundai Porter 2018
Hyundai Porter/H-100 – 2018


Hyundai Nishat Gets Approval for Greenfield Auto Assembly Project

Even though “Shehzore” does not technically belong to Daehan, Hyundai’s recent Facebook post (which has been removed) may encourage people to buy the “more original” H-100 instead of the re-badged Shehzore.

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