Daily Grind: Rabia Farooqui


Creative Head at Nadia Farooqui by day, and artist by night, Rabia Farooqui gives us a glimpse of her long hours as she juggles between her work and family life


It’s time to call it a night after hours of painting and a lot of contemplation. I usually drop in a quick hello to my father who is awake at this hour to start his day – a truly contrasting situation.


I wake up with a strong urge to go back to sleep. However, I must start my day which is usually with a strong cup of mixed chai and half an hour play time with my niece Rania. Breakfast is usually unpredictable for me – some days I go all out where I have egg and toast with a glass of orange juice. Other days, I usually just stick to whole-grain cereal.


I reach Nadia Farooqui’s workshop around this time to begin the creative process of putting my thoughts onto paper and in turn discussing them with the sampling team. A lot of sketching happens during this time which is essential to start the day with a bang!


Colour swatches, sampling with the adda department, fabric decisions are all underway with Nadia Farooqui and the team. By this time I need another cup of tea to keep my mind rolling.


The workers now have their lunch break. I end up going to the Nadia Farooqui studio and cater to walk-in clients for about an hour and help Nadia with her bridal appointments if need be.


Yes, I should be having lunch but most of the time I forget or get lazy. The alternative is to always call for cheekoo shake from Agha Juice nearby; not only does it keep you energised but it tastes so so good!


It’s time to go home! I spend time with my grandparents and keep them company while they have their tea. Rania (my niece) keeps us entertained while we indulge in an evening snack usually in the garden if it’s not too warm. Some days my cousin’s kids join in for an evening swim so this time is usually unpredictable.


I now start getting ready to hit the gym. It’s a 15-minute drive to Health Act and another five minute walk up the stairs which proves to be a great way to warm up! It’s an intense cardio workout which lasts for about an hour after which I am famished and ready to have dinner.


The entire family gets together for a sit down dinner. This is the time when the family gets to catch up and get a lowdown on everyone’s day.


I am now mentally preparing myself to get into ‘artist mode’. This usually means spending some time on my laptop doing field related research. Research helps me develop narratives which can then be depicted visually in my work. I begin to make compositions as a response, which helps me empty my creative system. I then take 20 minutes to make sense of the outcome and understand my visual vocabulary.


It’s time to start painting! Depending on the size of the painting, I’m either sitting on the floor and working or on a high chair-either way I take 15 minutes to make sure it’s a comfortable space by ensuring all my supplies/materials are in their desired spot. Last but not least, I open my favourite playlist on Soundcloud and connect my speakers to my phone. Depending on my mood, I’m either listening to Coke Studio or deep house.


Painting away- the night is still young!


I take a short break since my fingers are usually numb by this time. The next half hour is most likely spent talking to my friends over the phone after which it’s back to work!


The contemplation begins – should I keep going or call it a night?


Bedtime it is!

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