Darren Sammy plays epic April Fool prank


West Indian cricketer Darren Sammy who led Peshawar Zalmi to the final of Pakistan Super League, is liked by Pakistani fans.

Sammy is well-known for his game as well as his jovial temperament. The part of his light side came to the fore on the first day of April, widely known as April Fool.

“Can’t believe this I’m gonna be in the Maroon again.. heading to Pakistan….,” tweeted Sammy yesterday.

The tweet went viral attracting a lot of reactions from his fans especially those in Pakistan including actress Sana Bucha who expressed joys over his arrival.

However later, Sammy exposed the claim saying, “I can’t keep this going… Sorry guys it was an #AprilFoolsPrank. Not going back in the maroon.”

Story first published: 2nd April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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