Death Rumours Of Stallone Surface Again


Web-Desk (February 19, 2018): A worst rumour of Sylvester Stallone death has hits the internet once again after 18 months.

Facebook users reported seeing a fraudulent message in September 2016 claiming Stallone had been found dead at his LA home.

It was later exposed as a hoax after it emerged it was linked to a website known for creating and sharing celebrity death hoaxes.

But the rumour has now returned to social media a year-and-a-half later.

Twitter users were seen asking each other if the Rocky star had really passed away as the Chinese whispers spread like wildfire.One wrote: “Is Sylvester Stallone dead or is Facebook lying again?”
Another wrote: “Omg I thought Sylvester Stallone was dead!! I hate the Internet”

And a third tweeted: “So the sick hoaxes have started again!!

“Silvester Stallone is NOT dead!!!!”

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