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Defender of Quran Becomes Hero of Muslims

Defender of Quran Becomes Hero of Muslims

OSLO: A man in Norway became a ‘Hero’ when he jumped off the fence and saved the Holy Quran from burning, in an anti-Islam protest.

Umer Ilyas has won millions of hearts for his courageous act and is now being regarded as the defender of Allah’s Islam.

According to details, A demonstration held by Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) in the city of Kristiansand turned violent after the group’s leader, Lars Thorsen, defied a police order against burning the holy Muslim book. The rally had been approved by local authorities, but police had warned SIAN against desecrating the Holy Quran.

Two copies of the religious text were thrown in a trash can during the rally, while Thorsen set fire to another one. The unsanctioned actions infuriated counter-protesters, who vaulted over a fence and attacked SIAN’s leader.

Both Thorsen and his attackers were detained by police, according to media reports.

Pakistan and Turkey have voiced strong condemnation to the Norwegian authorities, urging to take strict action against the blasphemy act.

The video of Umer Ilyas kicking Thorsen went viral on social media and turned the brave guy into a Hero and Defender of Islam/Holy Quran.

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