Dengue Death Toll Reaches 11, 239 New Cases Reported in KP


Peshawar (August 29, 2017): The number of deaths reported from the dengue virus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reached 11 as at least 239 new cases of dengue were reported on Tuesday.

The total number of cases has now crossed 3,200 in the province.

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The dengue response unit said 1,794 people were tested today and added that out of the 239 new cases, 153 were admitted in hospital for treatment.Hospitals are already treating 455 people infected by dengue, said the response unit.

The virus has also spread to other towns and cities of the province, with Buner reporting 30 people under treatment, Swabi reporting 12 and Mardan reporting 16 under treatment.

Earlier, affected areas of Peshawar were declared as Red Zones.

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