Details of Auto Rickshaw Used in PU Attack Unveiled


Peshawar (December 2, 2017): The registration and chips number of auto rickshaw used by terrorists during the Peshawar Agriculture Attack were fake, initially inquiry report revealed.

The investigative agencies told that the rickshaw, used by terrorists for reaching Agriculture university, had confiscated yesterday and after the initial probe it was unveiled that its registration and chips number were fake as rickshaw.

The owner of the rickshaw was identified as Ibrahim, however his whereabouts has yet to ascertained.

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Report also said that a fake sticker was pasted rather original number plate while its chips number was also tempered.

As per rickshaw documents, the original chip number was NAR 79015 however after tempering it was written NAR 86455.

On December 1, Nine people were martyred and around 35 injured after terrorists attacked the student hostel inside the Directorate of Agriculture Extension on University Road, Peshawar.

The security forces later managed to kill all the terrorists after a gunfight which lasted over an hour.Nine Martyred, 35 Injured in Attack on Agriculture DirectorateSSP Operations Sajjad Khan told that five attackers wearing suicide jackets reached the compound in a rickshaw.

They were said to be wearing burqas in the rickshaw so as to avoid detection.

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