Development projects yet to see the light of day in Multan


MULTAN: Development projects for the city have yet to see the light of day while funds have already been issued to the municipal corporation.

Multan’s roads are in poor condition and heaps of garbage can be seen in various parts of the city. According to the mayor, funds amounting to Rs 15 crore have been received by the municipal corporation.

“The chief minister has given Rs 2,500,000 to every chairman in Punjab,” said Multan Mayor Chaudhry Naveed ul Haq Arain.

The Punjab government has given deadlines for the projects to be completed for the past five years. The dates however, keep on changing as time passes.

It has been one month since the last deadline for development projects to be completed passed in February 2018.

“Roads in Multan are in extremely bad condition,” said a citizen. “Funds have been issued already but we don’t know where they seem to be going.”

With general elections looming close, residents of the city wonder what dreams Multan’s politicians will sell to them next to get their votes.

Story first published: 10th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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