To India’s embarrassment, Director General ISPR, Asif Ghafoor’s posters have surfaced in the streets and roads of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The posters are evident of the love Kashmiris have for Pakistan Army for standing up to the Indian forces. Ghafoor’s statement “We will fight for Kashmir till our last soldier and last bullet” printed on the banners is terrorizing Indian media.

Pakistan Army’s media wing has won the information war against India on all fronts at all stages in recent times, and the banners reflect the Kashmiris’ confidence in the armed forces to liberate the occupied heavenly valley.

DG ISPR has said loud and clear that Pakistan will not compromise on Kashmir. The posters have been placed by the freedom activists in the Himalayan valley. The hashtag #DGISPR is trending on Twitter and the users are sharing video snippets of Indian media’s reports on the posters.

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