Dilip Kumar Discharged from Hospital After Recovery


Mumbai (August 9, 2017): Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar was on Wednesday evening discharged from Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to the hospital last week, showed considerable improvement after struggling with dehydration, kidney dysfunction and urinary tract infection.

Talking about Dilip Kumar, Ajay Kumar Pande, the VP of Lilavati Hospital, said, “Yes, Dilip Kumar sahab is ready to go home. He will be discharged today. He is eating well and feeling better. There is nothing to worry about as his creatinine levels have come down to normal. He has been suggested some rest at home, and soon he will start following his normal routine.”

Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu was by the actor’s side throughout his stay at the hospital. Talking to reporters outside the hospital, Saira said, “He is very good. It was like a nightmare. This has been a miracle. I thank God for all the good things. All the fans, doctors, everybody wished for his good health and God heard. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. This was a terrible thing which happened all of a sudden. He is perfectly fine now. He is eating and also talking slowly. God willing he will be alright soon. Jiska shauhar Kohinoor hoga Hindustan hu, unki wife sati savritri Kyu Nahi hogi? Main deewani hu unki.”

On Wednesday morning, the medical bulletin from the hospital suggested that the 94-year-old actor is showing great progress and will be discharged soon. The Vice President of Lilavati Hospital had said, “We are very happy on the progress of Dilip Kumar’s health. He has responded so well. One thing he has been suggested by the doctors is to stay away from getting any sort of infection. Dilip Sahab’s creatinine level has come down further. He is normal and responding. Enjoying his food. It is a good sign. Will take a decision on his discharge soon.”

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