‘Disloyal’ people won’t be given PML-N ticket, Nawaz warns dissidents


ISLAMABAD: Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the PML-N would not give tickets to disloyal people in the forthcoming elections.

“The party tickets for elections would only be issued to uncompromising people,” the former PM said.

Sharif was referring to eight lawmakers from South Punjab who had recently left PML-N and launched their own “Junubi Punjab Sooba Mahaz”.

The former PM was addressing a ‘Vote Ko Izzat Do’ seminar in Islamabad on Monday.

Sharif said his opponents may be happy over his disqualification but past nine months had seriously damaged the process of development in the country.

Lashing out at the Balochistan government, he said a government elected by the people had been toppled and an artificial structure was put in place.

“Wajid Zia said in the court that there were 40 people in the JIT,” he said. “Who will reveal their identities?”

Sharif claimed that his party would form government in Sindh in the next elections.

He said those who claim to make ‘Naya Pakistan’ had voted for ‘Teer’ (PPP’s election symbol) in senate elections.

Story first published: 17th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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