EasyPaisa Brings Qurbani Service at Your Doorstep with Discounts


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Eid-ul-Azha is a festive occasion that is celebrated throughout the Muslim world. It is marked by sacrificing a Halal animal. However, finding that particular animal takes time and can sometime becomes a tedious task.

Especially in the hot weather these days, leaving for the bakra mandi (animal market) in the scorching heat, searching around for the perfect animal and then spending more time haggling the price is a very tough job.

When done with that, finding transportation for your newly bought bakra (or any other animal) is just as tough.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could do this all from the comfort of your home, without having to argue for the price and have your animal delivered to your doorstep?

Presenting EasyPaisa’s Qurbani Service

This is where this new service from Easypaisa, the popular mobile banking service, comes in.

If you have no time to buy an animal this Eid, Easypaisa has come to your rescue. It has partnered with Meat n Cuts, an effortless animal sacrifice service. The company provides a fixed and reasonable rate for sacrificial animals.

Even if you don’t have a easypaisa account, don’t worry. This offer is also available to those who do not have an easypaisa account. All you  have to do is pay for the animals through easypaisa and the animal shall arrive at your door.

Compared to the prices at which animals are being sold in the market right now, the easypaisa service is a blessing for those who aren’t able to spend too much money on a sacrificial animal.

Rates offered by Easypaisa

Cow Rates: 

  • For easypaisa account holders: 70,000
  • For others: 80,000.

Goat Rates:

  • For account holders: 22,500
  • For others: 25,000.

Where To Transfer the Money?

You can send money for the service to 200128.

By using this service, you are not only able to get your sacrificial animals right at your doorsteps by paying remotely but you also get discounted rates at Meat n Cuts.

Originally Published on ProPakistani.com


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