ECP Imposes Complete Ban on Use of Panaflex, Hoardings


Islamabad (June 20, 2018): Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued Code of Conduct for upcoming general elections and imposed complete ban on the use of panaflex and hoardings.

The sizes of posters and banners in the election campaign have also been fixed.

It has also prohibited use of pictures of irrelevant persons on banners.The Commission has directed all stakeholders to strictly comply with this code and warned that strict action will be taken against violators.

Earlier,  the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday approved a major administrative reshuffle in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan citing as a move to ensure transparent elections next month.

The changes were proposed by the caretaker federal and provincial governments and were okay-ed by the election commission.Apart from Punjab’s advocate general, 10 assistant advocate generals have also been removed from their posts.

Likewise, ECP has also approved to transfer Punjab’s 34 secretaries, 35 deputy commissioners and 77 IGs, SSPs, SPs and additional SPs of police.

ECP has also allowed to transfer Balochistan’s secretaries, six commissioners and 33 deputy commissioners.

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The electoral body has also Sindh’s interim set up to make transfers and changes in bureaucracy. Following ECP’s orders, Sindh caretaker set up has changed 14 secretaries, two IGs and several SSPs.

The reshuffle is aimed at ensuring transparent and unbiased general elections 2018.

Following are the province-wise details of the shuffle in bureaucracy, as issued by the ECP:


The services of 18 police officers and 28 senior government officers were returned to the federal government.
The transfers of 64 officers of Punjab police have been approved
The transfers of 34 secretaries and managing directors in the province have been okayed
The transfers of 35 deputy commissioners have been approved
The transfers of 77 SSPs, AIGs and SPs have been approved as well


The transfers of 14 secretaries in the province have been okayed
The transfers of two AIGs, 14 DIGs and various SSPs have been approved
The transfers of six commissioners and 33 deputy commissioners have been approvedBalochistan

  • The transfers of three secretaries in the province have been okayed
  • The transfers of six commissioners, 33 deputy commissioners and 64 assistant commissioners have been approved
  • The transfers of 31 sub-divisional police officers (SDPOs) have also been approve

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