Riyadh: Eid Ul Azha is being celebrated in the middle east, the USA, Europe, Russia, Africa and Far East countries.

The Eid Ul Azha which is also stated to be ‘Bari Eid’ is being celebrated in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Egypt, Libya, Turkey and Palestine.

The Far eastern Muslim countries Malaysia and Indonesia are celebrating Eid today likewise Singapore

Muslims residing in European countries, America, Canada are also celebrating Eid today. While African countries which also included Muslim countries like Nigeria, Algiers are also celebrating Eid today.

Due to coronavirus Muslims are following strict implementation on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The biggest congregations of Eid Ul Azha were held in Masjid Ul Haram and Masjide Nabvi (PBUH) where the Muslims prayed for prosperity and elevation of Muslim Ummah.

The festival marks the end of Hajj, an annual pilgrimage that all Muslims are obliged to perform once in their lifetime.

Just 10,000 Muslims, all residents of Saudi Arabia, performed Hajj this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The numbers are just 0.4 percent of last year’s 2.5 million attendees from across the globe.

Eidul Azha is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). In line with the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), Muslims across the world slaughter animals as a sacrifice for Allah. The meat of sacrificed animals is distributed among relatives and the poor.

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