Facebook is Enabling Facial Recognition in Pakistan Today


The smartphone and mobile internet revolution has all but exploded the use of social media networks, with many people sharing details of their lives with friends, family, acquaintances and strangers alike. People love sharing photos and other minutae of their lives, be it via selfies, vacation pictures, birthday celebrations and what not.


As you can imagine, the photos you upload on social media sites can be easily duplicated, and often misused by others. While some may not have much qualms in having their photos resurfacing on the internet (it is the internet after all), there are people who take the matter of their privacy quite seriously.

Considering the needs of the users who care about their security and privacy, Facebook has introduced a feature that lets you know whenever your photo is uploaded on Facebook, no matter where it is or who uploaded it.

The social media giant has started to implement its facial recognition technology that informs you if your photos are being uploaded by others on Facebook.

Simply put, if someone uploads a photo that has your face in it (even if they don’t tag you), Facebook will notify you of it.

The new setting is going live for users across Pakistan. Here’s how you can enable it.

New Facial Recognition Setting

You might have come across this new security setting on your newsfeed involving facial recognition. This is what we are talking about:


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Facial recognition is nothing new as Facebook implemented it years ago. Previously, it was used to suggest tags on the photos that you upload. For example, if you upload a group photo, this tool would give suggestions to tag the people in the photo recognizing their faces automatically. This option let you tag people in your photos quickly and easily.

But now Facebook has taken this technology a step further, helping you identify photos of yours that haven’t been uploaded by you.

Overall Facebook’s facial recognition tech will now do following for you:

  • Find photos you are in but haven’t been tagged.
  • Safeguard your photos so strangers can’t use them. It will notify you when someone else uses your photo as their profile picture.
  • Tell people wit visual impairments who is in your photo or video. Audio will be generated giving information about who is in the photo.


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If someone uses your photo, Facebook will send notifications to you. Here’s how it will look like:

How Can You Turn This Facial Recognition Technology On and Off?

This technology, as we said before, isn’t anything new. But now its available for Pakistani users as well. By default, this setting is on.

However, should you need to change it, follow these steps. If you are not comfortable with Facebook analyzing your photos:

  • Go to Settings, 
  • Go to More, 
  • Tap Privacy Shortcuts, 
  • Click More Settings,
  • Click Facial Recognition, 
  • Tap on the option Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos? 
  • Select Yes if you want to enable and No if you want to disable this option.

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