Facts Have Been Disclosed in Kh Asif Case: Imran


Islamabad (April 11, 2018): The chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan claimed that after the daily-based hearing of Khawaja Asif case the facts regarding his hiding of Iqama have been disclosed and clear.

“The Islamabad High Court’s daily hearing is laudable as it has clear the case and disclosed the facts that Kh Asif being a defence and power minister has been withdrawing Rs 1.6 million salary from a company in Dubai,”  he said while in his statement on micro-blogging website Twitter.

He alleged that Khawaja Asif despite being a foreign minister have been working in a private firm in Dubai where he should have to be worked for eight hours daily.

“Kh Asif’s hidden account, he used to transfer hefty amount to his wife in New York,  have also been disclosed that showed he has not only made the crime of money laundering but also torn apart the procedure of clashes of interests despite having sensitive ministries, ” he said.

He expressed resentment over the investigative institution over the Khawaja Asif and said that it was wondering despite disclosing of facts eight months ago the NAB, FBR and SECP did not take any step against him.

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