Due to the lockdown, it has been a while since most of us stepped outside our houses and used our vehicles. Don’t worry, we have a solution of sorts you which will allow you to travel from the comfort of your house!

We have compiled a list of museums showcasing their exhibitions online that cater to the petrolhead in you.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

This state of the art homage to the brand’s 134-year history is mammoth in size with its nine-floors and sadly it can’t be visited since it is closed. Although, you can tour the museum by going to this website and visit the galleries one by one or take a guided video tour on Instagram.

Porsche Museum

Another museum that you can visit belongs to the German auto giant and its website has everything from the company’s history to the more iconic cars. Interestingly, you can use the site to visit the coffee shop too!

Coventry Transport Museum

If you want something other than German car museums, you can visit the Coventry Transport Museum that boasts an impressive display of British road cars from Jaguars to Rovers and everything in-between. Sadly though, they don’t have an interactive tour but they have made a video to show off the exhibits.

Honda Collection Hall

The Japanese car-maker has put together a virtual tour that allows you access to all the three floors of the Hall and it has pretty much everything the company has ever built from lawnmowers to F1 cars. Some of the pieces have extra information too included in video clips.

Citroen Origins

Interestingly, unlike other museums, this one is only available digitally and allows you to see their various models from both the inside and the outside. They have made additions to the record ever since the lockdown started.

Mullin Automotive Museum

If you are a history buff and a car enthusiast like us then you are going to love this museum with its pre-World War II cars from multiple companies such as Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza, and Delage.

Audi Forum Museum Mobile

Now we head back to Germany and this time with a tour of Audi’s history that goes all the way back to 1899, its merger with Auto Union in 1932 and becoming the flagship of the VW Group at present.


Arguably, the greatest car company in the world and now you can visit its museum online. You can go through the website or the street view tour with the help of Google and see the company’s history from the comfort of your house.

Museo Lamborghini

Ferrari’s fiercest rivals and makers of outrageous cars that look more like spaceships than anything else, Lamborghini have their own museum too. You can take a tour through the Google Street View option and see for yourself what the company is all about and what kind of cars they have made through the years.

Toyota Automobile Museum

We have talked about virtual tours that allow you to visit the coffee shop and museums that allow you to view the car from both inside and out; now we will talk about a museum that showcases not only their cars but others too. Toyota’s testament to cars and not just their own, this magnificent three-floor building houses hundreds of cars that belong to Toyota as well as by other brands. You can use the Google Street View Tour to visit it

We hope that these virtual tours will excite you as we try and keep ourselves busy during this lockdown. Do visit these and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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