Mahira Khan
Our celebrities – especially the women – put up with a lot on social media but sometimes when things get ridiculous, they just can’t resist answering back.

Mahira Khan is one known to shut down a troll or two when things escalate. But what happens when someone is extremely furious at the actor for… sharing a picture of chai?

Because that is what happened.

What you see is a picture of chai, followed by a witty caption that every chai lover can relate to. But maybe it was not the right colour of chai for someone as a fan shared how offended they truly were with this image.

They did not hesitate to curse the actor for having the audacity to put up this post. Has the tea been spilled?

Of course Mahira couldn’t resist responding to it but it’s clear she is just as amused as the rest of us. Sipping tea indeed.

We understand that chai is no laughing matter and extremely important to our way of life but we doubt it warrants such an extreme reaction. Especially when the chai looks just fine!

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