KARACHI: The federal law minister Faroogh Naseem refused his statement to invoke article 149, which allows federal government to take over Karachi by separating Sindh, in Karachi.

In talks with Abbtakk News, Faroogh Naseem said that he did not talk to separate Karachi from Sindh under the federal government, under the article 149-4 federal government can issue special orders to the city administration.

federal minister further explained, “Under this article government can issues directions how to lift the garbage and where the funds would be spent.”

He mentioned that under the article 149 local government will be made strong and a strategy committee has been formed as it is comprised of Mian Muhammad Soomro, Dr Fahmida Mirza, Sehar Abbasi and Syed Ali Nawaz Shah while Arslan Ghuman, Jamal Siddiqui, Shakoor Shad and Gul Faraz will also be part of the committee.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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