Fawad Claims Banigala Case Against Imran Heading to Dustbin


Islamabad (September 28, 2017): Spokesman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Fawad Chaudhary has said that Banigala estate case against party chairman Imran Khan is heading the dustbin.

Talking to media outside media outside Supreme Court here Fawad said that Imran is accused by no one and nowhere of minting money from contracts and/or of money laundering. The major difference between Imran and Nawaz Sharif is that Nawaz Sharif is accused of money laundering.

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Questions are being raised that Imran Khan has failed to prove transaction of 100,000 dollars but the fact is this that we dug out 40-year-old record and did not submit a letter from Qatar to the court and banking transactions are also being given to the court, he added.

The party funding case against PTI is extremely weak, we have submitted the names of 40,000 donors and we never took any money from Osama bin Laden. If you do not consider collecting from overseas Pakistanis right you should also not accept foreign exchange remitted by them, Fawad said.

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