Karachi: Provincial Information Minister Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan has appealed to the masses of the country to adopt characteristic of true Muslim in fight against the world epidemic coronavirus.

In his article in the various dailies of the country today, he urged the nation to support the Imran Khan led government in the war against the coronavirus by talking the path of Sahaba Ikram, clerics of high character and becoming the people of Kind God.

Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan said that Pakistan economy who saw the destruction in the last 10-years and stabilized after tireless efforts of the Imran Khan government.

Now the Pakistan economy has to face consequences of the global pandemic coronaviurs and the this war has become testing times for the government, he described.

He said that we can defeat the epidemic by following high moral attitude of unity, integrity, honesty,sacrifice and solidarity.

The minister in his article explained how Muslims of early time at a time of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.UH) set precedents of sacrifice, selflessness, genrosity, patience and obeying the orders of the beloved Prophet which resulted into victory over enemies of Islam.

He also motivated the nation by giving examples of bravery in the 1965 war when the nation got united against the enemy of the country to defeat it.

Information Minister also stressed all the sections of the society to play their responsible role at the testing times.

He also advised the nation to avoid evil practices in the difficult time.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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