FDE directs schools to implement Quran Bill

FDE directs schools to implement Quran Bill
FDE directs schools to implement Quran Bill

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) through a letter has directed the heads of 423 public sector schools of the federal capital and Area Education Officer (AEO’s) to ensure the implementation of Quran Education Bill 2017 recently passed by Parliament.

According to the sources in FDE Friday, initially only ‘Noorani Qaida’ would be taught in the schools while the Holy Quran translation would be initiated in phase wise.

The letter directs school managements to teach Holy Quran recitation to students of class one to five and translation from class six to 10.

Officials said that in the first phase, the students of class one would learn reading Arabic text with the help of Noorani Qaida. By the time children are in class two, they will be studying first and second paaras of Holy Quran and paara three to eight in class three.

Class four would be taught paara nine to 18 and by the time children pass primary school in class five they would have learnt recitation of paara 19 to 30 of Holy Quran, officials said.

In second phase, the easy translation of Holy Quran would be taught to the students of class 6 to 12.

FDE Director General Dr Hasnat Ahmad Qureshi said that Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training will provide Noorani Qaida this year while in the next year FDE would procure Holy Quran.

He said Islamic education teachers would teach aught Noorani Quaida in the schools which do not have Arabic teachers, while if any school does not have Islamic education teachers, Urdu teachers would teach the Qaida.

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