Federal minister Ali Muhammad Mahar injured in suspected robbery

Federal minister Ali Muhammad Mahar
Sardar Ali Muhammad Khan Mahar, the federal minister for narcotics control, was injured late Monday night in a suspected dacoity here at his residence in the metropolis’ Gizri neighbourhood, authorities confirmed.

According to the senior superintendent of police (SSP) for South, the politician was shifted to a local hospital for medical attention.

Mahar, the former chief minister and a leader associated with the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), was safe and his wounds are not life-threatening, the SSP said.

Police officials also said they have recorded the statements of Mahar’s servants but that they found discrepancies in their comments.

“We, therefore, cannot decisively comment on the nature of the incident at present. We can comment on the nature of the incident after the investigation is completed,” police said.

“It seems like Mahar sustained wounds during the dacoity attempt,” the SSP said.

Further, the inspector-general (IG) of Sindh has sought a report — on the inquiry and steps pertaining to the arrest of the suspects involved — from the deputy inspector-general (DIG) on the suspected dacoity incident, his spokesperson said.

Servants and their statements

Mahar’s lawyer, Advocate Javed Mir said an incident of similar nature had taken place a day prior when some men on rickshaws and motorcycles got into an argument with the politician. However, “it is premature and can only be ascertained after the investigation”.

Some of the men that Mahar’s lawyer Mir mentioned had reportedly asked about two people named Yaseen and Murad.

Yasin is said to work at the politician’s residence but is currently on vacation. Murad, on the other hand, used to work in the house some time back.

PTI leaders comment on suspected dacoity

Haleem Adil Sheikh, a member of the Sindh Assembly (MPA) associated with the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), spoke to the media outside the private hospital late Monday night.

“The federal minister and a former chief minister is not safe either,” Sheikh stressed, adding that the incumbent “CM never speaks of the worsening law and order situation.

“The reality of the rising number of such incidents is sad,” he said. He called for the suspected dacoity to be investigated from all angles and the arrest of all those involved.

Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar, another MPA, confirmed that the incident seemed to be an attempted robbery.

“Ali Muhammad Mahar has sustained non-serious wounds in resistance during the robbery,” he said.

However, Shaharyar Mahar underscored that it was necessary for the Sindh leadership to give him protection. “Even if he doesn’t want, it is the provincial government’s responsibility to provide security for him.

“He doesn’t believe in security. He’s a simple man and doesn’t have any issues with anyone,” he said. “He doesn’t believe in guns or security or protocol … he’s a former CM so if he wants, he can keep his own security.”

On the other hand, PTI leader Khurram Sher Zaman said Mahar would be kept in the hospital overnight and that the “provincial government should, at least, improve the law and order situation”.


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