FIA arrests man for stealing money from BISP recipients

FIA arrested Waseem Farooq  for stealing money  belonging to Benazir Income Support Programme
The cyber-crime unit of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a man from Gujranwala for stealing money out of bank accounts belonging to Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) recipients.

According to the FIA cyber-crime unit’s assistant director Asif Iqbal, the suspect Waseem Farooq is a bank manager at a private bank in Lahore’s Defence area.

The branch in question had data of BISP recipients from all over Pakistan and Farooq was in charge of the data.

“The suspect had made fake ATM cards of BISP recipients through which he would withdraw cash,” Iqbal said.

The assistant director further said that the suspect was arrested when he was withdrawing cash using a fake ATM card at a Gujranwala bank.

More than a hundred ATM cards were recovered from the suspect’s custody.

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