Following Other Auto Makers, Al-Haj FAW Increases Vehicle Prices Again


Following suit, Al-Haj FAW has increased prices for its entire lineup and is the fourth company to increase their prices for the second time this year – first one being Pak Suzuki, then  Toyota Indus and recently Honda Pakistan. Their previous price hike was 3 months ago.


Yet again, this price hike has been attributed to rupee’s devaluation and rising import exchange rates. It’s true that Pakistan’s auto industry lacks localization and in-house component manufacturing – a significant portion of raw material is imported and any fluctuation in currency values or taxes increases costs incurred per unit.

Revised Prices

Unlike its competitors, FAW has not increased the prices as much, here are the new prices,

FAW CarrierNew PriceOld PriceDifference
Flat bed8,09,0007,89,00020,000
Manual Transmission11,54,00011,19,00035,000
Dual AC9,69,0009,49,00020,000
W/O Rear Seat9,49,000N/A


Is the Recent Increase in Car Prices Justified? [Analysis]

Moreover, if you have ordered a FAW vehicle before this price increase, you should know that it’s company policy for the customer to pay any post-booking increments in prices and tax rates.

The prices of all FAW vehicles are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall apply if rates of existing duties/taxes are increased or new duties/taxes are levied by the government then such increase would be paid by the customer prior to the delivery of the vehicles.

As written in each contract sealed between the customer and the company, the amount written in the “invoice” is paid by the customer – invoice is received after goods are shipped, which is why any fluctuations have to be paid by the customer to realize the contract.

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