Forests in the city will save Karachi


The only way we can save a concrete jungle like Karachi is by planting more trees. And urban forests are a doable option

Nearly three years ago, Shahzad Qureshi planted some trees in a Clifton park in Karachi. Today, the park is a jungle.
Such jungles are called urban forests or dense groups of trees in the middle of concrete structures. The Clifton park was a success.

Qureshi then launched his project, Urban Forest, to “change Karachi”. He says we can change the environment of Karachi if five or six similar projects are done.
He says people need to take time out from our busy schedules to repair the environment. Planting trees helps make cities cooler. He plans to bring more trees that you find in South Asian countries to Karachi.
In 2015, Qureshi planted 1,200 saplings of 45 types of plants on the 400-square-yard park near Neher-e-Khayam in Clifton Block 5. Today, his list of projects includes urban forests at Karachi Grammar School, Oasis Farms in Lahore and Dreams Garden Phase II Housing Scheme in Lahore.

Story first published: 3rd April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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