From Lahore to KSA: Cyclist aims to promote soft image of Pakistan



Reported by Mehar Imran

MULTAN: Mohammad Irfan aims to promote a soft image of Pakistan by cycling all the way to Saudi Arabia–where he will perform Hajj. 

Clad in a green shirt with Pakistan written all over it and on a cycle decorated with the country’s flag, Mohammad Irfan is all set to promote the message of peace when he arrives in Saudi Arabia–on a cycle that is. He started from Lahore and has made it as far as Multan.

“I will cycle all the way to Saudi Arabia in order to promote the message of love and peace,” he said.

Irfan said that he aimed to arrive in Saudi Arabia in a span of 100 days. He’s already picked out his route and has spoken to authorities about getting a visa.

“I will reach Gawadar from Karachi. After that I’ll travel to Iran, from there to Iraq and then Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Irfan claimed that whichever city he went to in Pakistan, people treated him with love and affection.

Story first published: 14th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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