ISLAMABAD: After facing the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for nearly two hours in Panama Papers case, Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, spoke to media persons on Wednesday.

Here is full text of her media talk:

I’m thankful to party workers who gathered close to the judicial academy to express solidarity.

Whatever they asked, I answered, despite the fact that my name was not in Panama case, I answered to all questions and faced the JIT. It has nothing to accuse me.

After answering all questions, I requested the JIT members to answer a question. When they allowed, I asked what are the allegations against me? They had no answer of it.

All over the world, JITs are formed to investigate allegations, but this is the first JIT which is finding allegations to level.

Today, I came to know that there is nothing to the JIT. The Supreme Court heart the case for six months, but nothing surfaced.

Questions were asked about our personal and family business, on which no answer is necessary. These questions should have been asked from those who have no businesses.

Opponents have only targeted the family’s business affairs on which questions cannot be raised.

We have answered about our three generations, today; I have paid the debt that was not due. This is fifth phase of our accountability we are facing.

By involving the name of the daughter, the opponents want to bring the Prime Minister under pressure.

I appeared as daughter of the nation and daughter of Nawaz Sharif.

Those who think that daughter is a weakness of Prime Minister, will find me the power and strength of Nawaz Sharif.

This is not the first time I’m being dragged into such leaks. Not even in Panama leak, but my name was also included in Dawn leaks.

Every major project of the country is initiated by PML-N, but corruption of not even a single penny has been proved, that is a matter of proud for us.

It is a matter of pride for PML (N) and its supporters that there are no charges of corruption, commission and kickbacks against the Prime Minister and the government.

I’m daughter of a person who has taught me to stand firm against oppression.

The Prime Minister is standing firm for the supremacy of constitution and democracy.

People facing allegations of embezzlement in public money are hiding behind stay orders.

Those who are talking about money trail and offshore companies, have their own offshore companies.

Opponents should restrain from hatching conspiracies against my father, otherwise Nawaz Sharif will return with more power. He will win the 2018 general elections and become Prime Minister for the fourth and fifth time.

In the JIT, Nawaz Sharif did not spoke for the sake of the country, but he will neither hide nor let anyone hide.

The opponents should be afraid of the day when Nawaz Sharif will go to the masses. They are his real strength; don’t take the situation to the extent that he unveil all secrets.

Stop him if you can, otherwise, he will end terrorism, loadshedding and complete CPEC.

Maryam left the podium without facing questions of media persons. – Samaa
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Story first published: 5th July 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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