Furious Salman has nothing but harsh things to say about Bigg Boss contestants


MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Salman Khan recently lashed out at Bigg Boss contestants for being well educated celebrities who do ‘disgusting things’ to stay in the house.

We’ve seen quite a lot of drama take place ever since Bigg Boss made its way through our screens. The show has often been accused of being scripted, an allegation that Salman was quick to shoot down in a recent interview.

“Have you ever taken a peep into someone’s house? This is the same concept. You get to peep into someone’s house everyday at 10:30pm. It is not scripted at all. If what happens on the show was scripted, the creative team had to be quite twisted. But this is where the world is going,” he said.

Salman warned celebrities who talk ‘rubbish’ on the show to refrain from indulging in such acts otherwise no one would want to work with them in the future.

“These people are celebs who do the most disgusting things to stay inside the house for one week. Well educated people come into the house and they are speaking such rubbish. They don’t realise this adversely affects their career because no one wants to work with badly behaved people,” he said.

What do you think about Salman Khan’s statement? Do you think the Bollywood superstar is right in putting brash celebrities of Bigg Boss in their place?

Also, could he be telling the truth regarding the show not being scripted?

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Story first published: 2nd December 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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