Ghandhara Industries Limited has increased the prices for its Isuzu D-Max 2020 variants including Hi-Spark, Hi-Lander, and V-Cross to account for the depreciating value of Rupee against the US dollar and the taxes imposed by the government.

The new prices have already been implemented and the updated price tags along with income tax for filers and non-filers are listed below:

VariantEx-Factory PriceIncome Tax (Filer) Income Tax (Non-Filer)
Hi-Spark Single Cabin Deckless3,450,000150,000450,000
Hi-Spark Single Cabin3,479,000150,000450,000
Hi-Lander Single Cabin5,000,000150,000450,000
Hi-Lander Double Cabin5,300,000150,000450,000
V-Cross Double Cabin M/T5,800,000200,000600,000
V-Cross Double Cabin A/T6,100,000200,000600,000

Note: All the prices are in PKR.


Ghandhara Increases Prices for Isuzu Vehicles in Pakistan

About D-Max 2020 Variants

Isuzu D-Max 2020 comes in three main variants namely the entry-level Hi-Spark, midrange Hi-Lander, and premium V-Cross.


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The entry-level variant has a single cabin with a 2-wheel drive option whereas the Hi-Lander sports 4-wheel drive and both single and double cabins.

The premium variant is a double cabin vehicle with a 3.0-liter engine and both manual and automatic transmission options. Hi-Spark and Hi-Lander variants can be booked for an initial payment of Rs. 500,000 whereas the initial booking for V-Cross has been set at Rs 1,000,000.

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