Gigi Hadid publicly expresses her feelings for Priyanka Chopra


NEWS DESK: Priyanka Chopra is a global icon for all the right reasons. One can’t deny she’s conquering the world with her sheer talent. As much as we love her career path, the queen always manages to give us those major beauty and fashion goals, too. Her red carpet appearances break the internet and this time around it’s supermodel Gigi Hadid, who can’t stop praising PC for those killer looks, reported Filmfare.

Priyanka recently had a brilliant photo-shoot. Pictures of her took no time to surface on social media and while her zillions of fans couldn’t take their eyes off those beautiful pictures, it was Gigi who had the best thing to say. Commenting on one of the pictures shared by Priyanka’s manager from her photo-shoot, Gigi Hadid wrote, “So gorg!” It has quite much become her thing now and it’s lovable.

In her latest interview with Filmfare, Priyanka had spoken about breaking the glass ceiling. “What does a glass ceiling mean? Basically, it’s stopping women from progressing. Usually, it happens where women are in minority, where you’re told you can’t go beyond this. It takes a lot of gumption and courage for women to stand up, as fingers will be pointed at you. Unfortunately, even today, when a woman has a voice and an opinion, she’s questioned. Like my remuneration is questioned all the time. When boys get crores and crores for their films, they’re considered superstars. But when a girl gets it, it’s questioned. Why the disparity? Earlier, it was hard to get an opening for a female-centric film but not so today. Girls have broken that ceiling. I’m the only woman on the Forbes list. As much as I’m proud of the fact that I’m standing neck to neck with my male counterparts, why are the other actresses, given how significant they are in Hindi cinema, not there? Again, the glass ceiling! Girls will fight it eventually,” she said.

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Story first published: 20th February 2018

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