ISLAMABAD: On instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan it has been decided visa services to be made more easy for Sikhs Yatris coming to Kartarpur Pakistan, from India.

A huddle in the chair of the secretary of interior decided to add religious tourism category in the online visa system to provide more ease to Sikh Yatris.

The meeting was attended by officers of the interior ministry and other officers of respective ministries. As per the draft, the easing visa services to Sikh Yastris have been declared as a goodwill gesture.

A two-kind of Sikh Yatris will be given visa facilities in religious tourism category while visa to Sikh Yatris will be issued visas in seven minimum days or maximumly in a 10 days time.

NADRA and foreign affairs will set the procedure in this regard so that Sikh Yatris be provided with visa facilities as early as possible while they will also inform about workflow to the interior ministry so that cabinet approval to be taken for the purpose.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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