LAHORE: Provincial Minister for health Dr Yasmeen Rashid has said that a number of beds in the government hospitals have been increased in the wake of rising number of coronavirus cases.

Dr Yasmeen Rashid visited the hospital created in the expo center Lahore.

At the occasion the minister told that as many as 2000 doctors and staff are being recruited for the hospital established at the expo center for the coronavirus patients.

A 500 beds have been increased in the Meo Hospital while Shaukat Khannum hospital has aslo been declared for the coronavirus patients, she informed.

She said that more three hospitals in Lahore will be declared for the treatment of the coronavirus patients while she added that a double salary package will be allocated to doctors working on the frontlines against the coronavirus.

Dr Yasmeen Rashid declared the doctors treating the coronavirus patients by risking their lives as ghazis.

She said that the government has also a mandate to run the house of unemployed.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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