Govt Increases Petrol Price by Rs. 4.26 Per Liter


Caretaker Government has decided to increase Petrol Price by Rs. 4.26 (or by 4.9%) per liter, effective from June 12th, 2018, to take the new per liter price of Petrol (RON 92) to Rs. 91.96.

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Similarly, Diesel prices were also increased by Rs. 6.55 per liter. New per liter price of diesel, starting from June 2018, would be Rs. 105.31.

Kerosene Oil’s per liter price was increased by Rs. 4.46 while light diesel oil price was increased by Rs. 6.14 per liter.

New prices will be remain in effect from June 12th, 2018 till June 30th, 2018.

New petroleum prices will be as following:

Government said that new prices are increased by only 50% of what OGRA had originally proposed, with an aim to provide relief to the public during the holy month of Ramzan.

Government said that against what OGRA had originally proposed, it decided to pass only partial impact of increase in petroleum prices while other 50% of the impact will be absorbed by the government itself.

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