Gulalai Alleges Imran for Sending Her Inappropriate Messages


Islamabad (August 1, 2017): The dissident leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Ayesha Gulalai has alleged that Imran Khan was sending her inappropriate text messages.

Addressing a press conference, Gulalai said she wanted to hold presser tomorrow but as some PTI women had a press conference so she had to respond.

Setting aside PTI leaders claims that she wanted MNA ticket from Peshawar one and said that the party ticket was not issue for me.

“I am not concerned about party ticket or NA-1 seat, it is an illogical allegation, she said.

She alleged that Imran Khan was sending her inappropriate text messages.

“Among many things, sending text messages is one of their bad habits,” she said.

” I have seen several women leaders dismay from party and angry with the leadership for not giving due respect to them,” she said while addressing press conference in Islamabad,

“The women worker in PTI are not safe as Imran Khan wanted to spread western culture in the party,” she said.“PTI leadership instructed and taught us method how to hurl allegations on others and defame them,” she alleged adding she always disagree such kind of methods.

PTI dissident leaders reminded that she was in PPP before PTI but in PPP leaders respect the women as PPP’s leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had offered her provincial and national assembly tickets.

Accusing Imran Khan Gulalai said that Imran Khan damaged his name and sent abusive text messages that was unbearable for her.

“One can check theses messages from Imran Khan’s Black Berry,” she said.

” I felt Imran trapped in psychological problems,” she alleged adding that therefore he always feared from skilled workers.

Accusing CM KP Pervez Khattak she said, “Pervez Khattak is god father of mafia in KP and he distributed special seats to his relatives as nepotism on top in KP.”

” I had brought evidence of Pervez Khattak to Imran Khan but he did not heed to my reservations,” she said adding that Pervez Khattak issued orders of posting and appointment by taken bribes.

“I had met Imran Khan for meeting while Atif Khan and Shehram Tarkai were also present in the meeting and it last only 15 minutes not three hours”  she said.

“Pervez Khattak handed over the Tangi mines project to his close relatives,” she accused adding that CM KP son also take bribe for people’s work.

She underlined that there were two categories of workers and leaders in PTI one those who has cars and helicopters and others poor like her.

Gulalai said that Imran Khan always talks about turn of people to leave, adding that now it’s the PTI chairman’s turn.

“Imran Khan cannot keep himself in control,” she said. The former PTI MNA said that Imran wanted to introduce western culture.

She said that she is not the only one facing such a situation, many women in the party are facing such behaviour.

She said that when she was in the PPP, she felt very safe.

“I am not joining Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz,” she said.

In one of the party meetings, Imran uttered appalling things about late Benazir Bhutto, said Gulalai, adding she was very shocked to hear that.

This is one of the reasons why Gulalai said she stopped attending party meetings, she said.

Late Benazir Bhutto gave me two tickets, MNA and MPA, said Ayesha Gulalai.

“The PTI has different criteria for party tickets, something we don’t fulfill,” she said.

Imran has psychological issues, he doesn’t like talented people, she said.

“I didn’t go to Imran Khan with a delegation because of a party ticket,” she said. Gulalai said she took along a rickshaw union leader as CM KP Pervaiz Khattak wasn’t giving him compensation for his 10 burnt vehicles.

She alleged that Pervaiz Khattak has distributed jobs illegally among his relatives.

“Won’t call him Khan Sahab, he’s a fake Pathan, I will call him Imran Niazi,” she said.

She further claimed that she along with the delegation provided proofs to ‘Imran Niazi’ regarding Khattak’s corruption but he dismissed them.

The former PTI MNA said that Imran himself stays in his Bani Gala residence during sit-in days but the common party worker faces tear gas shelling and police’s baton-charging.

Gulalai, earlier today announced that she is leaving PTI. Speaking to the media, she alleged that the reason for her leaving the party was that the honour of women was not safe, citing Imran Khan as a major reason behind it.
Ayesha Gulalai quits PTI, says honour of women not safe because of Imran Khan

“I did not leave the party over the issue of NA-1,” she said, adding that she had to go through mental agony due to the situation.

“What was in those text messages I will reveal in my press conference” she earlier said.

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