Gulalai Message to PTI Women; No Compromise on Honour, Prestige  


Islamabad (August 7, 2017): The former PTI leader and member parliament Ayesha Gulalai reiterated her allegations against PTI Chairman Imran Khan, demanded public apology and said women in PTI should not compromise on prestige and honour.

Addressing in parliament on National Assembly floor, amid PTI members ruckus, she assailed PTI leadership and alleged that after leaving PTI her family being targeted and maligned as her character assassination campaign was running.

“PTI social media brigade has targeted my family including my sister Maria Torpakae-national squash player- even she was far away from politics. It shows how much the PTI members morally degraded,” she said adding that her old father was also attacked on social media.Gulalai Letter to Interior Ministry ‘My Life is in Danger’Gulalai vowed that she has performed her duty by exposing real face of PTI leadership as she will never bow down before threats even not her family.

“If character is lost, everything is lost,” Gulalai said, adding that she was being victimized for telling the truth.

She lashed out ticket distribution in PTI and alleged that PTI women were awarded assembly seats on relationship.

“However I became MNA on merit, therefore why I render resignation,” she said.

She alleged that corruption was rampant in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Imran Khan Alleges N-League Behind Gulalai Saga“Imran Khan says accountability should begin from the big fish, but why does he not begin it from big fish within the party?” she asked. She also alleged that the PTI leaders distributed reserved seats for women among their relatives.

Gulalai had left PTI a week ago, accusing the party chief Imran Khan of sending her unsolicited text messages and citing ill-treatment of women in the party.

She lamented that the country’s youths were being trained to avenge exit of party’s members. “Trend has been set to target anyone who has parted ways with the PTI.”

Thanking PPP Chairman Bilawal, Jamaat-i-Islami and others for their support, Gulalai said that she wanted to see Pakistan free of abuses, free of exploitation of the women and the weak.

The PTI members continuously made uproar during her speech and tried to bar her but Ayesha did not stop and completed her speech.

Earlier, PTI protested against the presence of Gulali in NA, with its chief whip Shireen Mazari requesting “the stranger in the house” to be sent out of the assembly since she had quit the party.

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